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A letter to Lige

posted Jan 30, 2017, 10:55 AM by Christine Merrill
Dear Lige,

I know one of your biggest struggles right now is the abundance of inappropriate, sexual, and pornographic content delivered to you daily in school and on the bus. I admit, I had no idea that the sweet kids you've gone to school with the past 5 years would change so quickly, and start making such horrible decisions so early. It is heartbreaking to me. It's heartbreaking that my son is thrust into this so young.

Today, I read about the famous Sons of Helaman, the 2060 young men who went to battle much younger than their moms probably wished. The Sons of Helaman were surrounded by something just as dangerous - violence and tyranny. Violence and pornography really have the same effect on a person's spirit. They harden you and make it difficult to feel the Holy Ghost. Violence leaves physical wounds that can hurt or kill you. Pornography does the same thing to your spirit.

I just want you to know that God will protect you, just as he did those other 2060 young men. You will be wounded, just as they were, but you will heal through the great healing power of the best Spiritual Physician imaginable. President Eyring said, "We all are aware of the fiery darts of the enemy of righteousness being sent like a terrible wind against the young priesthood holders we love so much. To us, they seem like the stripling warriors, who called themselves the sons of Helaman. They can survive, as thouse young warriors did, if they keep themselves safe, as King Benjamin urged them to do. The sons of Helaman did not doubt. They fought bravely and came off conquerors because they believed the words of their mothers." 

I know you have steadfast faith in Christ. I know that will enable you to win the battle for your freedom and happiness. Continue to put your trust in Him who protected those other young men so many years ago.

Love, your mom, who has a lot in common with some other mothers who lived a long time ago.