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Music conducting class

posted May 25, 2017, 11:08 AM by Christine Merrill
This is primarily for my LDS friends, who might need to teach a music class for Mutual some time...

I taught music conducting to our youth a few weeks ago and tried really hard to think of a way to make it not super-boring. I decided to teach various conducting skills by rotating to different stations, and when a kid passed off a skill, he got a sticker on his "ticket". Then at the end, everyone got ice cream, and the number of toppings you got correlated to what stickers you had earned.

As it turned out, everyone had a great attitude and got all 9 stickers, so we just ate ice cream without worrying about stickers. I don't think anyone mastered their skills, but they were definitely improved, and just need some practice to really become competent!

The whole activity took us less than 1 hour, but 1hr 15 minutes would have made it a little bit less rushed.