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The Merrill Family Coronavirus Concert!

posted Apr 5, 2020, 8:30 AM by Christine Merrill
Welcome to our concert! We performed this concert LIVE on Friday, April 3rd, 2020 from our basement. Unfortunately, wrangling 8 kids and putting on a concert is hard work, and we forgot to hit "record" until halfway through the second song. But that's ok. We'll put in the parts you missed.

Here is our program for the evening:

Concert program

We'll start with Lillian on the violin, playing "When will my life begin" from Tangled. As you know, this is a song about a girl stuck in the house, and it seemed to resonate with us just now :) We decided to make a slide show of our own version of being stuck in the house. Hope you enjoy it! To anticipate your question, yes, that is an opossum in our garden. How convenient that we were all home to see it one day :) And no, we didn't REALLY wash our hands with bleach. It's a joke.

Beginning of the Concert

Following that song, we had several serious works by our serious musicians. We start about a page into Lige's Beethoven Piano Sonata, and you can follow the video from there. 

Merrill Family Concert

Thank you for coming to our concert! We had fun putting it on, and we hope you had fun watching, despite the fact that we don't have a fancy microphone. We're hoping our next concert is in person, and doesn't need one! Feel free to email my kids and tell them if you enjoyed it, they love the human interaction :)

Christine, Marriner, Lige, Ellis, Lillian, Sam, Martha and Jane