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Does anyone care how much this costs?!?

posted Aug 2, 2010, 6:09 PM by Christine Merrill
Marriner got swimmers ear at Scout camp.  He came home and needed an antibiotic, so we looked up a doctor that took his insurance, he went in, it took him 2 hours total (including travel) and the doctor billed $255.  The insurance got a $102 discount, and finally paid $152.

Two weeks later, it came back.  But he didn't have two hours to spend on another trip to the doctor.  I found that there was a Minute Clinic a little further away in Alexandra.  He went there, it took less than 1 hour (including travel - about 15 minutes in the office) and they charged $69, discounted to $52.

They both did the exact same thing.  Hmmmm....