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Maryland (1/30/10)

posted Feb 25, 2010, 2:02 PM by Christine Merrill
Things I love about Maryland:

    * We'll just sum it all up into one category: "the sites".
    * The view of the Washington Monument from the bridge over the Potomac river
    * The bank and the library being right next to each other, less than a mile away.  And believe it or not, Aldi is even closer than in Lafayette!
    * Where else do you hear, "In local news, the State of the Union speech is tonight"?
    * Our house is absolutely perfect for me!  Huge, south facing front window, etc.
    * All of the 60 degree F days that we've had this month.
    * A really great ward that asked us to speak our second week.  After being "in limbo" for so long, it was great to be needed.
    * 3 miles to work
    * Having cousins nearby.  I don't know if they love having us nearby, since we've called on them for last-minute help more times than we wish :)
    * Seafood and Chicken restaurants on every corner.  Someday, I'm going to eat a real Maryland crabcake.
    * The Tagalog Sunday School class
    * People coming to visit us

Things I miss:

    * Walking places - we live in a suburb now.
    * Cheap public transit
    * Having Mormon neighbors nearby
    * A bank that knows me and gives me what I want
    * Going out without locking my house
    * Fixing my own house when things break
    * Driving places without checking Google traffic first...
    * A local newspaper
    * Being able to visit Marriner at work (NRL=hush-hush)