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Oh, my lucky husband...

posted Feb 24, 2012, 6:17 PM by Christine Merrill
I think the understatement of the month is that my husband's been a little busy recently.  That's ok, but it does mean that he hasn't put as much time into some of the things he used to.  Like, back when we were undergrads at Utah State, and we used to celebrate E-week (Engineering week).  E-week generally involved eating Marv 'n Joes, participating in engineering competitions for fun, and generally bonding in geekiness.  Studying was minimized and engineering (well, sorta...) was maximized.  Ah, it was great...

But, what with being busy, Marriner didn't make any plans to celebrate this year.  Actually, I don't think he'd remembered that it was E-week.  Such happens to so many of our young engineers, and it is sad.  But, Marriner has something the rest of these young, busy engineers don't have - a WIFE that celebrates E-week, too!  And oh! the joy, to come home to a nice dinner of Marv 'n Joes, some banana cream pi, er, pie, (incidentally, 100% made by his children.  Impressive, no?) and a nice tower building contest with (uncooked) spaghetti and (fruity) marshmallows.  Which, he won, with a 53cm tower, to my lowly 32cm tower.  But mine was cuter :) 

It just doesn't get any better than this.