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posted Apr 9, 2013, 7:08 AM by Christine Merrill
When I was a kid, my mom wanted some trees to block the evening sun on out west-facing house.  She planted two choke cherry trees, if I remember right, one on each side of out front lawn.  Unfortunately, the front lawn was also the neighborhood kick-ball field, and despite our best kid efforts, we knocked over the trees a few times, and they eventually died.

Today I went out and found one of my new pear trees pulled up by the roots and left to doe on the grass.  I don't know who or when or why - most likely Ellis, who is going through a destructive phase right now.  I wish she had told me when it happened, so I could have done an emergency re-plant.  I put it back in the ground and I'm giving it enough water to revive, if there's any life still in there.  But it's made me cry.