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What?!? You don't listen to CES Firesides?!? (9/10/08)

posted Feb 25, 2010, 2:01 PM by Christine Merrill
The CES Fireside: where an apostle or other church leader addresses young adults, 18-30 years old. Yes, I know I'm about to graduate from this demographic. We used to be enthusiastic fireside attenders, but as children and life have made Sunday evenings less flexible, we have moved to the "watch from home" or "listen sometime later" crowd. On Tuesday, I was listening to a talk given last Sunday by Elder Jeffery R. Holland. After a couple of hard days with my husband gone and my pregnancy hormones attacking with a vengence, I sat in awe to see every question of my soul addressed in this talk. Could God have known that I would listen to the talk late after having a couple of bad days and sent the message just for me? Well, it probably wasn't just for me, but I felt in my heart like it was an evidence of a loving God who is concerned for each of us individually. So, this afternoon, I went to the CES website looking for a transcript of the talk. I didn't find that talk (yet), but there were transcripts from all the talks given since 2001... and I will admit that I was in school back then. I browsed throught - there was the talk by President Hinkley that Marriner took me to for our 2nd date (don't be a cynic, be optimistic!). There was the talk by Elder Scott about dealing with stress. Of course, a pivitol talk in the Merrill household was by Elder Oaks, where he said that he doesn't give a talk to be enjoyed but to be put into action! (This was the same talk that addressed hanging out vs. dating...some of you may remember that one.) I can't believe that talk was way back in 2005. The talk by Elder Nelson about families, 3 days before his wife unexpectedly passed away. The talk by Elder Bednar about connections, patterns and themes in the scriptures.

Do you remember any of these talks? I know that most of these memories mean WAY more to me than they do to you, but these were serious life-changing moments for me! I just had another one yesterday, This is powerful stuff! Go to, click on Firesides, and start reading! I hope you fall in love with these intensive doses of 100-proof gospel like I have.