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Why I love USA Soccer

posted Jun 26, 2010, 4:52 PM by Christine Merrill
I know, I know, bad day to write this.  I just paid exorbitant Metro fares and rode a bus and a train for an hour, with 3 kids, to watch the US lose to Ghana.  But despite the bad game today, my mind keeps turning back to the games again Algeria and Slovenia, and I realize that I'm in love.  I have watched a lot of soccer games these last couple of weeks.  Some teams play with more finesse, but there's only one team that gives me that excited and happy feeling!  Some people write poems when they're in love, but I'm an engineer, and I write bullet here it is, "why Christine LOOOOOVVVVEEES USA soccer"
  • Oooh, they're fast!
  • My husband has the same height, weight, and hairline as Landon Donovan.
  • Because anyone who keeps sprinting up and down the field for 91 minutes without giving up is awesome.
  • Because every time I walk away from a game thinking, "That other team was playing so dirty, and diving all over the place!  I'm glad our team isn't like that!" it's the honest truth.  And, crazy as it sounds, I'd rather have a team with dignity than a World Cup.  (Of course, it would be even better to have one with both...2014, baby!)
  • Speaking of diving, Clint Dempsey is down on the ground about 3 times every game.  And you would think that someone who was mauled that often just might be doing a little bit of acting.  But every time I watch the replay, it is clear that poor Clint Dempsey is just getting beaten up out there.  Anyone who can take so many elbows, cheap shots and bloody noses without complaining is just in a higher class.
  • Because Alexi Lalas is now doing commentary for ESPN and he looks exactly like the walking stereotype of a sportscaster, and nothing at all like the way I remember him from '94.  And it cracks me up.
  • Because when I told Lige he was as fast as Landon Donovan today, he said, "Landon Donovan is that fast?!?"
Happy World Cup, everyone!