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All is calm...sort of...

posted Dec 18, 2017, 1:55 PM by Christine Merrill
Christmas is (almost) here! Gallaudet is out and most of the students have gone home. Four of the 5 families with kids have left town for the holiday. There were about 25 people in Sacrament meeting this week. It was pretty quiet. Of course, it always is :) 

After Sacrament meeting, the Primary President said, "Your kids are the only kids here today!" We had been worried about having a nursery leader and a CTR teacher. But with only 1 family, we quickly decided to simplify. We brought Martha (who is almost 3) into Primary with us. She played in the corner with some toys most of the time, and participated some of the time. Jane crawled around and ate everything. Sam sat on his chair most of the time and tried to play with the toys some of the time. Ellis and Lillian waited mostly patiently while Sister S. and I tried to keep the chaos in check.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty chaotic in Primary, and I was looking forward to a smaller week to`maybe help things get it together better. Alas, it turns out that the chaos was caused mostly by a certain 4-yr old in my very own family. I don't think things were much better. BUT - that 4 yr old got a lot of one-on-one time, and that was really good for him. Sister S. turned off her lip-reading and vocalizing and we focused on helping Sam learn how to pay attention and use sign language. It's been a tough change for him. I think he thinks we're just making him use sign language because it's our educational project. I don't think he understands that people actually can't hear him. Add in that church is during nap time, and he's a little grumpy anyway, and no wonder he's balking a bit. I hope that a day of special attention helps him out a bit.

Meanwhile, Ellis is growing out of Primary, and admitted that it's getting a little boring. Probably because most of what I do during singing time is say "Look at me, everyone!"

Martha sat with Sister S. during Sacrament meeting and decided she's her favorite person. During sharing time, I took Martha and Jane for a walk to the Mother's room (Jane's snack) and the nursery room (Martha's snack) and we learned how to sign Sister S's name. It was pretty cute.

We're still having fun!