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Best. Day. Of. My. Life.

posted Jan 8, 2018, 1:42 PM by Christine Merrill
The day every mom looks forward to arrived earlier than expected. Usually, moms have to wait until their kids are adults. But I got it when she is only 11. You know what day I'm talking about: the day she admits that she's really glad you made her keep taking piano lessons! 

Ha ha! Ok, maybe not the single best day of my life...but maybe it is...

All those years that she was an absolute stinker about practicing the piano. Lessons were torture. They usually resulted in yelling, ultimatums and threats, because all less-drastic techniques were rejected. All the drama! A lesser mother would have given up. But I persevered! I sacrificed! I operated on faith that she didn't in fact hate the piano, and that she would enjoy it eventually.

And now we're here. She played "I am a Child of God" for me in Primary, so we could sing with the piano instead of recorded music. And it was awesome. And she LOVED it. She actually bore her testimony in our family testimony night about how glad she was that she'd kept going (ha! what she meant was, "that Mom forced me to keep going") because it was so useful now.

Told ya so. Tbbth.