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posted Oct 25, 2017, 6:12 AM by Christine Merrill
We really had a rough start to our new church life. We had family come visit for the occasion, and stayed up waaaayyyy too late (for the kids) hunting for fossils the night before. On Sunday, our new church time is 1pm - NAP TIME! By halfway through Sacrament meeting, I was pretty sure Martha and baby Jane might explode. Never have I had such a complete loss of ability to behave in church before. By nighttime, I was starting to see that it was more than just fatigue from playing with family the day before. Both Martha and Jane were getting a horrible cold! Jane had a fever and snot running all over her face. She couldn't breathe well enough to nurse, and she was up every hour or so all night long. Ugh. It is so sad when your sweet baby gets their first really bad cold.

Monday was fine, as long as I didn't put Jane down. But I admit, it didn't feel like a very nice conclusion to the weekend. I may have been a little grumpy about the timing....

In his training before he was set apart for his new calling, Marriner was reminded that his new calling was about using the priesthood to serve, and that should definitely apply to his family. So Monday night, he gave everyone in the family a priesthood blessing. For Jane, he gave her a blessing of healing. After her blessing, I put her to bed and she slept for more than 40 minutes for the first time in 24 hours. In fact, she stayed asleep until her usual wake-up time, and her runny nose went away enough for her to breathe comfortably.

It's somewhat of a symbol to me. Hard things will happen, but the priesthood can call down the powers of heaven to bless and strengthen us. My family has access to that power. It's pretty neat!