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Claim your blessings

posted Aug 18, 2013, 5:51 PM by Christine Merrill   [ updated Aug 18, 2013, 5:51 PM ]
When Lige was 3 years old, he had his first Christmas that he could remember.  Now, to understand this, you'll have to understand Merrill Christmas tradition, which is somewhat unusual.  On Christmas morning, all presents are hidden (usually under a sheet) and nobody can see anything until after a healthy and nutritious breakfast.  Yes, you read that right!  No stockings, no presents from Santa, no nothing until you have sat down and eaten your dog-gone cinnamon roll.  (Oops, I think I just let out the secret about "healthy and nutritious"...)

Now that you understand the setting, imagine a 3-yr old coming down the stairs and seeing nothing interesting in the living room, but finding a lovely aroma emanating from the kitchen.  He sits down, he eats, he likes it.  So, he keeps eating!  And eating, and eating!  Mom and Dad think he might enjoy opening presents, but he can't see anything worth hurrying over, so he just keeps on eating.  Mom and Dad encourage him to hurry, but he's enjoying what he's doing!  Finally, he's pulled away from his cinnamon rolls and sent in to find his stocking.

Here's the key point on this experience:  Lige didn't realize that there were better things to come, he really thought cinnamon rolls was as good as it gets.  We told him over and over that it got better, but he just didn't believe us.  I thought, "why doesn't he just trust us and go into the living room!?!" and then I realized just how much I do this same thing.  How often has God told us that he has some really great blessings for us if we will just follow this commandment or that commandment?  How often do the prophets plead with us to go to the temple and claim our blessings?  Why don't we jump up and claim those blessings?  I don't know why, but when I read promises in the scriptures, I'm a lot more likely now to take God at his word and go claim those blessings.