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Humility and Gratitude

posted Nov 25, 2017, 12:37 PM by Christine Merrill
Our branch Christmas party is next week, and I'm in charge of the children's song for the Nativity. We're singing, "The Nativity Song" which has 5 verses and isn't already available in ASL. Dang it.

I knew that I wasn't really the best person to translate the song, but when I asked the branch Facebook group if anyone had time to help me, nobody responded. So, I decided to give it my best effort and then ask someone to correct it. Alas, the person I asked to correct it just scrapped my translation and started all over again. When we got done, I couldn't help but notice that her translation wasn't THAT different from mine. A little pride crept in and wondered what was so bad about my translation, anyway, to make it worth completely re-doing. Mine was a lot simpler, easier for the kids (and me) to learn on short notice. 

Then I remembered that my first resolution upon joining the branch was to have an attitude of absolute humility and willingness to learn. So I checked the pride and suddenly the understanding started to come. Sure, my version was easier, but it wasn't as nice. And most of the people there were experiencing the song only by the signing, so I guess having a really nice translation for them makes a lot of sense. 

I noticed that as soon as I chose humility, I started learning things. Next time I translate, it will be better because I will make sure it has details. 

I also noticed that when I chose humility, I felt great gratitude to the person who didn't just say, "Oh, that's good enough" but took the time to help me make it a little better. I think gratitude is a natural outgrowth of humility. Really, taking time to teach someone is one of the best gifts, and humility is the method of receiving the gift!

So, tomorrow I get to teach the improved version of the song. Wish me and the kids luck! But really, with such supportive people around us, it can't be that bad. :)