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I know my numbers!

posted Jan 21, 2018, 4:53 PM by Christine Merrill
A friend asked me how many kids I have.

In ASL, you hold up your thumb and first two fingers for 3, and your middle three fingers is 6. So the sign for 6 is the way most English speakers would do 3.

So I hold up my middle 3 fingers, because I have 6 kids.

But you know, 6 is such a crazy number for me to hold up, and I'm pretty new at ASL, so my friend is sure I must have meant 3.

"NO, really, 6!"

"You mean 3?"

After about the 4th time, she finally believed me. Which is good, because I was afraid I'd have to call all my kids back from running down the hall and around the church to prove that I really have 6 kids :)