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In which we see that when we act in faith, things work out.

posted Dec 18, 2017, 12:27 PM by Christine Merrill
Here's something I've noticed the last few weeks...

Sacrament meeting is a little hard to pay attention to with little kids, and it's pretty common for moms to come up against the question, "Why do I even bother to come, since I don't even get anything out of it?" I confess, I've worried a bit about my spiritual health with this new calling. Sacrament meeting is hard enough to learn from in my native language, but heaven knows I need spiritual recharge every week! And now that I'm serving in Primary, I feel the need even more. A momma's gotta recharge her spiritual batteries sometimes!

So this week, I was moving my eyes back and forth from the speaker to some squirrelly kids. She was about 10 minutes into her talk, and I honestly hadn't identified the topic yet. Then I looked up and my kids were quiet for a moment, and I understood what she was signing long enough to get my spiritual nugget for the day.

Every week, I come home with something. I never go to church and come home with nothing.


This was the nugget I got this week. It was powerful to me, maybe it will be good for you, too. It wasn't anything new, just something I hadn't thought of in quite that way before!

Imagine that your neighbor is having a hard time with lots of trials and difficulties. Who would walk over and say, "Hey, your life is tough, why don't you give all your trials and hard stuff to me. I'll take all of it." Of course, I'm thinking, my life is hard enough for me to deal with without any more problems, thank you very much. But of course, that is exactly what the Savior did. He took it all and left us with all the good things and happiness.

That message of the power of the Atonement was just what I needed.