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posted Nov 26, 2017, 8:48 AM by Christine Merrill
Some kid funnies:

We are getting ready for the branch Christmas party, and the kids are doing a Nativity play! Ellis is Mary, Lillian is an angel, and Sam (4) is a Wise Man. Only, he wanted to be a shepherd. So...
Mom: You can be a Wise Man at church, then you can be a shepherd when we do it at home!
Sam, nodding that he likes this idea: Yeah, first I'll be a wise man. Then the next time, I'll be the foolish man. Then I can be a shepherd...
(Now you have a song in your head, don't you?)

Sam, talking to Martha: Martha! I get to be the Foolish Man in the Nativity!
(Still confused...)

Martha (2), upon hearing that Ellis gets to be Mary: I want to be married!

Martha, later on with her baby doll in her sling, walking around like Mom: Now I have my baby, and I can go to the temple and be married.

Martha, every 5 minutes the rest of the morning: I'm going to be married!
Sure, Martha, whatever...

And, one last funny...

Sam: My favorite animal is...(shows a made up sign). That's a rock jumping on the couch.