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Pioneer children sang as they walked

posted Jan 30, 2018, 10:32 AM by Christine Merrill
While our previous ward's building was located in a somewhat industrial area of suburban Maryland, we now go to the Capitol Hill building, so named's in Eastern Market :) Which is right next to Capitol Hill. It's a GORGEOUS new building, built in the spot of an old church that had been put into a gutted Safeway. It's an adorable urban spot, with lots of people walking, high density housing, chic restaurants, etc. 

Alas, the parking isn't easy. There is a 20-spot parking garage below the church, but most of those spots are taken by people in the ward that meets before us. They're not being selfish, only people who can't walk park below. There's just not enough room for everyone. So we park on the street.

I'd like to say (very humbly) that I've always been good at parallel parking. (Well, not when I flunked my drivers test the first time, but you know....) So that part doesn't bug me. I do wish I wasn't driving a hulking minivan. Man, if I had my Mazda5 back, I'd park like a boss. 

The only really annoying part is that I'm always bringing about 20 tons of junk to church. This week, I had my diaper bag, my "quiet things to do during Sacrament meeting" bag, my bag of all my books and manuals and lesson plans, a poster showing how to play "I am a Child of God" on hand bells, the bag of hand bells, all the kids' scriptures and the baby. Everyone has 2 hands full of stuff. 

We were lucky this week, and got a spot only 2 blocks away. I think 4 is our maximum so far. I don't mind the walk, but oh, the stuff!

Maybe we should bring our wagon to church...