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posted Oct 28, 2013, 10:09 AM by Christine Merrill

Saturday was our church Trunk-or-treat.  Since nobody trick-or-treats in our neighborhood, this is our main Halloween celebration, and that is just fine, because my kids came home with a big pumpkin bucket full of candy.  Some of our friends were talking about going out again on the real day.  I went into sugar shock just thinking about it.  And I'm not a sugar-hater by any means!  So, here we are, two days later, with 4 buckets mostly full of candy.

There are many different philosophies about how to deal with all this candy.  Some families put all their candy in a bowl and Mom doles it out at appropriate times.  Some families let each kid eat it all and be done.  I've tended to be more on the "get it done and over with" side of the spectrum.  So, for the last few days, the kids have been spending their time sorting, trading, eating, counting and living candy.  And here's where the bright spot of this holiday comes in.  Now, 2 days after the candy arrived, it doesn't matter who has the most candy anymore.  In fact, my kids are upstairs giving candy to each other.  Lige opened a trick or treating booth to get rid of his candy, Ellis is walking around giving everyone their favorites, and Lillian is selling hers for imaginary money.  It's really cute.  A spirit of love and goodwill is permeating our house.  There's so much candy that it's just really not that important any more.

Nobody upstairs is worrying about saving some candy to make sure they don't run out.  Why would they run out if everyone has so much?  And why would it matter if they did run out?  (They  have been eating candy for 2 days straight now, after all...)  And I think that maybe this is more the way God intends us to be.  Sure, we need to save for retirement and be responsible.  But gosh, how much do I not give to other people because I'm worried that if I give to everyone, I'll run out?  And what will happen if I run out of money, anyway?  Maybe I won't buy so much candy...