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posted Oct 24, 2017, 11:22 AM by Christine Merrill
In the Capitol ward, my young kids would sometimes sit with Sister Gibbons when Dad was gone (he spoke in another ward about once a month). Sister Gibbons kept her friends quiet during Sacrament meeting by keeping smarties in her bag. She's not a grandma yet, but she has her grandma skills ready to go!

When we knew we were leaving the ward, we asked Sister Gibbons if Sam (4) and Martha (2) could have one last chance each to sit with her for our last two weeks. Sam was so excited for his turn!

Sunday morning, Brother Gibbons told me sadly that Sister Gibbons was sick. Sam took the news stoically, but with great disappointment. As a consolation prize, he got to sit with Sister Goode, who doesn't usually have smarties, but does have some fun books that she brings with her, "just in case". Imagine my surprise when I saw Sister Goode pull out some smarties for Sam!

Two days before, Sister Goode had been at the store and seen a big bag of smarties. She had a sudden urge to buy smarties. Sunday morning, she had a sudden urge to take smarties to church, even though she never brings treats to church unless she has grandkids with her. And when Sam came and sat with her, she just felt like Sam needed some smarties. She didn't know about the deal with Sister Gibbons or the change happening in Sam's life. Only God knew that, and took care of a 4-year old.