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Somewhere in Jamaica...

posted May 20, 2014, 11:05 AM by Christine Merrill
Somewhere in Kingstown, Jamaica, are two missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I don't know anything about them. I do know that one day, they were going about the town and ran into a thin, quiet woman who looked really happy to see them. She told them she was a member of their church, though she hadn't been to church in a very long time. She was Jamaican but lived in the States now. She was visiting Jamaica to help care for her mother and sister, both of whom had breast cancer. In fact, the woman they met had recently been battling it too, but was the most healthy of the three. They talked for a bit and invited her to church, as all missionaries do. They never saw her at church, and in fact never saw her again. I'm sure it was a nice conversation, but nothing very significant to them. Maybe a bit disappointing that another invitation to church was rejected.

The important thing about serving God is to remember that He doesn't always let you see the results of His work. A lot of the time, we don't even realize we ARE doing His work. The missionaries didn't know that this sister had been working her way back to God, but her health challenges were a serious trial to her. They didn't know that she had come to Jamaica because she wanted her mom and sister to know that if they didn't see each other again for a very long time, she truly loved them. They didn't know that she was spiritually and emotionally drained, and that seeing the missionaries that day was literally a message of love from God. She wanted to go to church, but let her sister, who was feeling well that week, go to church instead, and she stayed with her mother. Then she came home and called her Visiting Teacher. She told her about how much that visit with the missionaries meant to her, and how she has such a yearning to serve the Lord like that, but she was sure her health wouldn't permit her to be a missionary. The two of them talked and talked, and slowly, a soul is healing. And, a new Visiting Teacher is going out to share the joy of the gospel, just like she yearned to. And this is only the beginning.