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Stake Conference

posted Jan 21, 2018, 5:20 PM by Christine Merrill
This week was Stake Conference, which meant two big things for me:
  1. I didn't have to prepare anything for Primary! Woohoo, week off!
  2. We got to see all of our old Capitol Ward friends!
Our stake broadcasts to every building, so most everyone just goes to church like normal. But there are some conveniences of having the ASL branch meet at the Stake Center, which is also the building where the Capitol Ward meets. It makes for a weird combination of going to church the old way and the new way, both at the same time :)

Confession: In some ways, I really loved the week off. It was nice to not have any lessons to prepare, and honestly, it was nice to have a relaxing week of listening and talking, and not thinking really hard to communicate.

Best part of the week: Talking to friends I haven't seen in 3 months. So fun to catch up with people. Some of our old friends got new calling, advanced in the priesthood, said prayers or gave testimonies, and it was wonderful to feel the glow of their faith. Seeing old friends is good for the mental health! Which is funny, because they weren't "old friends" a couple months ago :)

Hardest part of the week: I have Deaf friends and hearing friends. None of them know each other. I want them to all be friends. These are all people who have had a great influence on my life. I tell stories about things I learned from them all the time. I wish they could all get to know each other. But there is such a language wall, and I don't sign well enough to bridge the wall. It just becomes awkward, and I wish I knew more, and had more ability to make everything more inclusive. Not just language ability, but social skills, too. 

A pattern I've observed: When I run into a friend from the Capitol ward, they always say, "Hey! How are things going?" and then there's sort of a pause, a look that says, "No really, how are things going? Are you guys doing ok? Are you able to handle this really big request from the Lord?" I don't really have a great response, I usually say, "Yeah, we're doing great, having a lot of fun." I hope that is sufficient to let them know that the calling really wasn't a horrible thing to do to our family. Because the long answer is just way more than they have time for. I mean, I could write a whole blog about the experiences and adventures we're having...

Oh yeah, I am writing a whole blog about it :)