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Wearing many hats

posted Dec 31, 2017, 1:08 PM by Christine Merrill
Last summer, we visited a branch in Pennsylvania on our way home from a weekend trip. The Primary president made a side remark about how in a branch, you wear a lot of hats. I totally get that now :)

Our Primary president was gone today, which meant I was teaching the entire time in Primary - Sharing time and then singing time. We brought the Nursery kids in for singing time again, since we only had one leader in Primary and I didn't have any other time I could do singing time with the Nursery kids. 

There was only one person in the Youth Sunday School class today (that would be Lige) and so the teacher invited Ellis (who will join the class in September) to come in today so that Lige wouldn't be all alone.

So. Much. Adaptation. I keep thinking "after _____" things will settle down and be less hectic, but I'm realizing that there's no such thing in a branch. One person moves, one person is sick, one person goes on vacation, and we adapt to make it work. Because there just aren't very many people who can substitute! I mean, someone has to go to Relief Society...

So, blessed are the flexible.