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Houses and Butterflies

posted Apr 7, 2010, 10:05 AM by Christine Merrill   [ updated Apr 7, 2010, 10:07 AM ]

We got an offer on our house this week, for more than we bought it for! Essentially, with realtor, etc. we break even. We're flabbergasted and thrilled. After doing some back-of-the envelope math, our Realtor tells us that we'll come away with more than we put down on the house, meaning that our savings for our NEXT down payment (assuming we ever have one...) will be very happy. The rest of us...will probably still go get pizza to celebrate!

For some reason, I was taken with the urge to make homemade Easter eggs this year – sort of a home-spun Easter, not so commercialized. The recipe made a very big batch. After searching for them  we consumed many of them. Interestingly, I don't think Lige and Ellis ate very many, as they had parents to tell them it was time to stop. Too bad for the rest of us! The weather was lovely, and the egg hunt was a blast. Lige and Ellis used butterfly nets for their baskets, which they liked, and they even got to use to catch a very large butterfly in our basement, later identified as an Easter Tiger Swallowtail, and let it out. (*District%20of%20Columbia) A family in the ward gave us a lovely Easter basket for the family, which they said was a mark of appreciation for a busy young family who may not have the time to devote to Easter preparation that they wish. You can guess how special that was to us – we certainly did not expect it, and shows of kindness and friendship are always very special when you've recently moved.