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Some random life updates

posted Apr 15, 2012, 6:31 PM by Christine Merrill   [ updated May 15, 2013, 5:19 PM ]
We put an offer on another house on Friday.  It's considerably more expensive than any of the houses we've looked at thus far, but not so much of a fixer-upper (they already did the kitchen, and they did it really nicely, unlike most!).  If you hop over the back fence, you're at the school, which is very appealing.  We should know by Tuesday if it's ours...we're really crossing our fingers.  We're all so sick of looking at houses and filling out contracts and such.  And we really like this house - it's really cute! (Note:  we did end up getting this house, and we LOVE it!)

Also on Friday, Christine was overtaken with a need to do something other than clean the house and sit at the book fair (fun in moderation, but a few no-shows have made it a bit over-kill this week...)  So, we went camping.  There is a very large park about 10 miles from our house (Cosca park) that has a campground that is only $12/night, and we have 2 cars now, so I chucked our stuff in the car, had the kids make a treasure map to tell Dad where we were, and we went out to grill pizza and roast marshmallows.  Marriner was quite surprised when he got home, but he threw his stuff together and came down to join us.  We weren't as “out in nature” as we usually go for, but there was still enough nature for something to get into our trash can over night, and it was convenient for Marriner to pop up to the church to chaperon the youth dance that night :)   

Monday, we were playing with some friends on Andrews AFB and Lige started climbing a tree by the playground.  A few minutes later, he yelled, “Hey, Mom, take a picture of me!”  I look for a couple minutes and finally find him shockingly close to the top of the tree, maybe 25 feet off the ground.  It is moments like this when a mother doesn't quite know if she should say, “Wow, good job!” or “You get yourself back down on the ground right this minute or you are so dead.”  But, regardless of my reaction, Lige is a really good tree climber, it seems.  He really wishes he were a fast runner - they play tag a lot at recess, and he spends a LOT of time as “it”.  But hey, if you can't be fast, you can be a good climber, right?  There's a picture of Lige in the tree here.

Ellis and Lillian spent their week wowing visitors to the book fair with their puzzle abilities.  They put together the 50 States puzzle they got for Christmas a few times Thursday and Friday, not to mention a few others, while Mom got the volunteers trained and such.  My kids are going to rock at geography :)  I don't think Lige even understood what a state was when he was 5, let alone know where they all were!

And that's how life is with the Merrills.  Talk to you again sometime!