Updated 8/13
Christine's Wishlist:

A day at the Supreme Court with a friend, and maybe hot chocolate after (really, anyone want to line up a babysitter for me?)
Plant money
DC United tickets
USU and Purdue stuff (like, tshirts...or something else cool.  Just feelin' like showing my school spirit a bit.  And my old school spirit is worn out.)
Funny geeky t-shirts
campfire popcorn popper
a clock I could see from bed that doesn't sit on my night stand
A warm-weather long sleeved shirt that keeps you cool and sunburn free
Oil sprayer
Wooden spoons
A nice metal spatula (pancake flipper)
Brownie spatula
can opener
pyrex bowls with lids
new colander
14" aluminum dutch oven
new wok
Beethoven lives upstairs series CD's
The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place books or CD's 
Three more bread pans

Marriner's Wishlist:
Greeting Cards
Books (on all books, paperback or used is great):
 - Biographies of apostles or early church members
 - "Discovering Orienteering: Skills, Techniques, and Activities" by Ferguson and Turbyfill
 - A good book on how to always be able to start a fire with just matches (seriously)
 - Funny books
 - Classics

Kids in general:
Art supplies
Bubble bath
school supplies
Quiet things to do on Sunday during choir practice or other after-church meetings.  Puzzles, anything that can pack small and be engaging.
Portable soccer goal - we have one, could use one on the other side of the field :)
Duct tape
Good winter mittens/gloves
Bow and arrow
Nice backpacks - we're thrift store fans, so something new and to their tastes might be really liked.


Clothes, size 5T. - He's my only kid who doesn't get hand-me downs from someone else (even Lige has a friend who passes clothes on to him!) and he can really use clothes of any sort.
Quiet toys for meetings, choir practice, etc.
Easy readers
Bath toys
"A hose I can spray people with. I want it for my birthday."


Lige's Wish List:
Funny geeky t-shirts
Radio control helicopters/planes/quadcopters/drones/any other flying things I'm forgetting
Science materials
Books- fantasy especially welcome
Money for scout camp
Solar panels- ideally at least 6 volts, but 4.5 is fine
Dry ice
About a 10 hour longer day (noted that nobody on earth can currently provide this... If you find out a plausible way, let me know)
The sequel to What If? by Randall Munroe (when it comes out...)
Board games
We Have No Idea by Jorge Cham
Piano music
Other things whoever bothers to read this thinks I'll like- it's hard t think of what I want!

Cooking Supplies-Pans, spatulas, etc.
a good book
a cook book for desserts
LEGO's in general, not sets
Good Running Shoes
Nice art supplies
a watch
Stuff for crafts
A small fan
A soccer ball
A sword
Remote control helicopter/drone
Camping stuff-tent, camp-stove, etc.
A comfortable dress
A good chair